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Mercedes Benz fashion Week NY 2015

Yalary Fuentes – Interview

1.- What is your Point of View when it comes to your collection?
The Queen of Curves, I always had great faith in my collection. There is a great empathetic connection you need to have with your designs. I think that once i start sewing and look that my designs are coming to life, there is a great freedom in it.

2.- Describe your design process for this collection, including inspiration board, research, fabrics, feedback, etc
I was motivated with one quote of Zaha, “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one”, i want to be beyond 360 degrees!.Zaha Hadid was the woman who inspired me to make this collection. she is not the typical beautiful woman with body model; has more than that, has a mind that has no limits as in their designs. My designs and fabric that I use for my collection came from the architectural works of Zaha. The lines, the texture and the color.
I try to use fabrics that were out of the ordinary. I found everything I needed in the darkest part of the fabric store, when I showed the teacher’s was in love.

3.- Describe how your education has prepared you for this opportunity. Provide specific examples and/or classes that have provided you with “A-ha” moments.
When i was in draping class with Miss Patricia McCoy, she taught me that you can have your own way to create a design, and with Miss Larissa, she helped me to open my mind and go ahead of everything, be Avant Garde and pushing my self to the edge and risk everything. I started this collection in her class.

4.- Which designers inspire you?
Alexander McQueen
Iris Van Herpen
Christopher Kane

5.- What design blogs or publications do you use as inspiration and reference?
I like to read Wallpaper magazine and A Magazine curated by, when is about an specific publications. Basically i take my inspiration from my readings, i like to read about art, architecture , film, history, music and philosophy.

6.- Specifically, how are you preparing for the runway event? What are you learning? What unique challenges are you experiencing?
The more I work the more I’m interested in things that require a great challenge. If you can have those opportunities then they are going to be much richer, and terrifying. I don’t have enough patient so this another thing Im learning ,be patient to myself. I´m where i want to be. To give the best of me.

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